Photo Booth Setup

by Photo Social Dallas

Below is a nationwide press release that was written about our company:

A Dallas photo booth rental company has integrated new social technology into their photo booths in order to help businesses better market their corporate events. Photo Social Dallas offers companies a new way to advertise their events in real-time through the use of their sleek and slim booths. Unlike old-style photo booths, these new technology driven booths take up little space and can be easily transported. The main attraction of the booths is their ability to upload photos instantly to social media channels using wireless internet.

Businesses are utilizing these social media photo booths in order to gain and interact with followers online by using hashtags which link to the event photos. Steve Keller, owner of Photo Social Dallas, quotes:

“Companies are always looking for a way to market and advertise events that they participate in. Showcasing these events online is great publicity. By using our social media photo booths, businesses not only create a fun attraction at their event but also create a way to connect with their attendees after the event is over.

Our booths upload the photos in real-time and we will literally take hundreds of photos per event. We have the ability to link the sponsoring company’s information on each upload, along with the hashtag, so users can easily navigate to the company’s social profile or website. We can also do custom backdrops that feature sponsor logos which gives the event photos a red carpet style look. It’s a great way to capitalize on advertising during events.”

The company believes that this new photo booth technology is going to become more widely used at events in the near future, due to the popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. According to a study published by eMarketer, almost nine out of 10 companies in the United States are using social media for marketing related purposes.

Photo Social Dallas believes their photo booths not only provide companies with a great marketing opportunity, but they also provide guests with a fun and memorable attraction. For more information on social media photo booth rentals you can visit their website at

Photo Social Dallas
About Photo Social Dallas
Here at Photo Social Dallas we believe that memories are powerful. A photograph captures a single memory in time, forever. But it is the ability to share that photograph, that memory with others that is truly powerful. Whether you're a business wanting to market your brand with incredible social reach or a new bride trying to capture your wedding day memories forever, we've got your back. We are not in the photo booth business.We are in the business of helping others capture memories for life. And it sure is a lot of fun. Our social media photo booth kiosks are loaded with tech savvy features that allow you to capture, share, and print memories like never before. A professional DSLR camera captures your memories the way technology intended and our photo booth software allows you to instantly share it via email, text message, Facebook, or Twitter. Want to project the images your guests are taking during the event for everyone to see and enjoy? We offer that too. The giant touchscreen is easy to navigate and a delight to view. It's the most interactive, fun, and social way to make and share memories. We think you'll agree.
Photo Booth Setup
Dallas Photo Booth Rental Company Uses Social Media Technology to Market Corporate Events